Fast & Furious: Shortlisting Edition

By Dana Amer, Hiring Artists Manager at SocialDice

It’s a new day, your desk is well organized and your coffee is hot and aromatic, but guess what? It’s time to do some serious shortlisting for those applicants!

Yeah, I hear you. Back in the old days I used to read 300+ CVs per day (thanks god for having this done automatically nowadays). No one enjoys sifting through a pile of CVs to find The Chosen One. So I’m sharing with you today some of tips to take the shortlisting process from that bumpy off-road straight to the high way:

  • Start with the DOB: If you are looking for a manager, an applicant whose birth date is 1994 is surely not an option. Applicants usually place their birth date at the top of their CV, so starting from there will give you a pleasant head-start.
  • Check nationality and residency: Such information is usually also placed at the top of the applicants’ CV so it’s quicker to view. This comes in handy especially when you have visa requirements or specific labor law restrictions in your country.
  • Graduation date: This is an obvious one. Spotting the graduation date can give you a quick indication about the seniority level of the applicant. Keep in mind that some applicants may have took more time than others in their higher education, so always link the DOB and the graduation date to have a fair judgement.
  • First job starting date: An easier substitute for calculating the years of experience individually, because when the applicant had his first job in the 90s, he must be in a managerial level by now, so no need to calculate those 20+ years one-by-one. Don’t forget to link this date to the DOB and the graduation dates as well, since some applicants started working while studying.

The best part? Checking those shouldn’t take you more than 20 seconds per CV! You can start digging into the job titles and experience details only when the applicant fits the job description requirement for the four above parameters.

Now you have less time shortlisting CVs, and more time enjoying your coffee!

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