Do this one thing for ultimate productivity!

No matter how hard we try to focus on our main tasks,  we always get distracted once we check our mobiles. I do, and I know that you do as well! Let’s face it, notifications are so seductive.

Studies show that employees tend to check their phones every 3 minutes, and to be able to refocus, it would take them up to 23 minutes! That’s shocking! Right? It means with these distractions, we can never reach our full potential and be at peace with our daily tasks.

What to do then? One simple thing: KEEP YOUR MOBILE OUT OF SIGHT.
You can hide it in several places like your purse, behind your laptop, in a locker, or in your desk drawer. Or you know what, just give it to your boss and he’ll know how to deal with it. ;)

I’ll try it, and I hope you try it as well and tell me how did it go in a comment!

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