Why are promising candidates turned off?

Due to the constant pressure to quickly fill job roles, employers fall back on the same hiring tactics that may not necessarily be the best fit in todays market! Here are three tactics that are causing promising candidates to be turned off:

1-  Not showing a clear career path
Employer branding is essential to attract top talents. You can use SocialDice's careers page template to reflect your company's culture. But remember, you should also show candidates how the roles you are offering are beneficial to their professional careers. A clear career path can brand your jobs and thus prevent promising candidates from being turned off.

2- Job Descriptions
While focusing on experience specifications (like: industry and years of experience) that lead top talents to turn off as they don’t meet these specifications,  mentioning what needs to be done is more enticing as it creates success expectations that promising talents would like to meet and exceed.

Using SocialDice's  job description templates will definitely help you with overcome this problem.

3- Traditional interviews
Having lots of interviews is totally boring. Recruiters may lose their best candidate who simply felt that more than one or two interviews is a waste of time. Try setting up a one hour interview with promising candidates to know their potential and move on to the next level.

'If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It'
To avoid the pitfalls mentioned above, recruiters need to occasionally assess their hiring process. That’s why SocialDice created a hiring assessment quiz that provides recruiters with a report showing how healthy their hiring process is, and what they can do to make it perform better. Don’t miss it out, take your quiz now!

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