13 tips to awaken the headhunter inside of you!

Long ago, headhunting meant the real act of killing someone and taking off his head. Although time has changed, the aggressive nature of this word carried over to our modern world. It now relates to the war of winning the top talent, where headhunters work as researchers and talent acquisition managers. Here are 13 tips to awaken the headhunter inside of you.

HeadHunters: sharp and smart

Design an attractive and simple website, and make sure you use related keywords to increase your visibility. Check SocialDice’s website for example.

  1. A mobile friendly website will be appreciated if you are targeting millennials.
  2. Keep your job descriptions short, clear and easy to understand. Advertising your jobs through social media will pay off as top talents will show interest.
  3. Social media is one of your most effective trophies dear headhunter. Active headhunters can easily locate the best talent through social media, blogs, and offline conferences.
  4. Remember, cold leads are not active, but their human nature has the desire to know what’s going on out there, and it’s your responsibility to tackle their pain and turn them into hot leads.
  5. Passive candidates may not be actively looking for a job, but if you can address their needs a suffering, you just may get their attention.
    HeadHunters: Always taking the lead
  6.  Prescreen your potential candidates and try to start a conversation with them and ask questions that can show how qualified they are. You can do this via social media channels.
  7.  When reviewing a CV, a Hunter should focus on the candidate’s aspiration and interest and not just their experience and achievements to insure job fit.
  8. Were they excited or nervous when you contacted them? If all is well, promising candidates should react with a genuine, easy-going positive energy and traits such as confidence, clarity, honesty, respect, and passion.
  9. Dig for responses. Try to reach out to their previous supervisors to know more about the candidates you are screening.
  10. Try using an ATS (applicant tracking system) like SocialDice. It will provide you with several services to ease the process and get more effective results.
    HeadHunter: Connecting, all the time
  11. Evaluate the candidate’s sense of responsibility during the interview process. Do they return your calls? Are they active in the process? Do they possess strong communication skills? Strong candidates know to reach out to you after the interview and to send “Thank You” letters to their interviewers.
  12. Respectfully connect and follow up with candidates. Encourage your candidates and make them feel important.
  13.  Coach and guide the candidates through the interview process. Provide them with interview tips and questions. Always be available to answer any questions they may have and make sure the offer/negotiation phase is smooth and stress-free.

Headhunter's connection with the candidates does not end with the interview.  Maintain a healthy and continuous relationship with top talent. Are you ready for another round of headhunting? Let’s do it!

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