Millennials “job-hopping” isn’t always a bad thing!

A millennial friend of mine was recently hired at the Palm- Dubai. And regardless of how prestigious this job sounds, he left it after two months, simply because it does not meet his desires as a civil engineer. Does this make my friend a bad hire? Of course not! Millennials job-hopping does not always indicate a lack of loyalty, and recruiters need to be more forgiving when coming to this point.

So Here's the big question: Why Millennials “job-hopping” isn’t always a bad thing? Besides taking millennials' hunger to prove themselves and meet their ambitions into consideration, job-hopping may indicate several soft skills such as:


Constant moving develops a social personality that adjusts well to new environments, so on-boarding would not be a problem anymore. As this adaptivity generates a sense of affiliation, it also motivates their craving to develop side by side with the organization they work for.

Risk- taking

Trust me!  Millennials do not come to your company with the desire  to make no change. They come carrying revolutions! Their special needs will start reshaping into new creative and more effective policies like flexible working hours. Who hates positive change? Millennials have no safe zones so stay tuned for big achievements!

Social Responsible

Millennials care for their society. Regardless of the kind of companies they work for, they are more apt to ask their employers to start social responsibility campaigns to give back to their local society! Volunteerism ans charity will be part of your company's culture.

Especially at companies with older, more tenured employees, hiring millennials can also create a mentorship culture. Generations learn from each other and companies grow. There truly is strength and greater output in diverse workplaces. we always welcome millennials to work at SocialDice! check out our career page and apply now!

Have I convinced you? Share your point of view in the comments below!





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