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The Death of Newspaper Job Ads

Remember when newspapers were the most popular way to advertise job openings? Back in the day, that tactic worked for most businesses, if not all. Job seekers could easily navigate to the specific jobs section in any newspaper, and there they were,...

Why Recruiters Still Suck At Job Interviews

Whenever we talk about reinventing the recruitment process in the HR world, we tend to focus on all stages of the process, such as job postings, CV screenings, and so on. What us recruiters tend to forget about, is the most important stage of the...

5 Recruitment Challenges Every Startup Faces  

Hiring for a startup organization requires systematic planning by HR managers and recruitment professionals.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Recruitment

Gone are the days when recruiters and HR Managers had to manage a pool of CVs piled up on their desks or saved on to desktops.

Recruiting Through Social Media: A Mistake?

We all know that social media has become such a huge part of our everyday lives. I mean, how else would you have found out about this blog post?