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3 Reasons to Hire a Mom

They're not only organized, but can also multi-task, and don't have time to play around. To put it simply, moms are wired to kick butt.

The Art of Innovative Hiring for SMEs

SocialDice, alongside In5, organized an event to help SMEs learn about innovative ways of hiring and recruitment in today's world.

Key Recruitment Takeaways from the U.S. Election

Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday came as a surprise to many, due to his unconventional persona and campaign. However, no matter how strange this result was and still is, it is vital for us recruiters to understand how and why the US 2016 Election...

SocialDice, A Promising UAE Startup, Welcomes Global and Regional Investors

SocialDice, a regional startup that offers an innovative digital hiring solution for SMEs in MENA, announced today that it recently closed a second round of investment from regional and global venture funds 500 Startups, Sadara Ventures and Raed...

How Oil Prices Inspired a New Age of Digital Recruitment in the GCC

"You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards."- Steve Jobs For those in the recruitment industry, 2016 has seen a major shift in how firms in GCC countries have started to conduct their hiring and...