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New Year's Recruitment Resolutions

2017 is almost here, and like all people, we have some resolutions to share with you all - ones to keep of course!

Why Lunch Interviews Are Awesome

Not many people get the chance to experience a job interview over lunch. Recently, however, this has been changing as interviews over a meal are becoming more and more common.

Edible CVs? Lettuce Talk About Them

We all know how difficult finding a job can be. I mean, even if you think you have all of the qualifications needed to land the role, someone might still one-up you in some way or another.

Careers Page: Improve Your Employer Branding with Zero Coding Experience

This year’s almost over, and 2016 has clearly proven to be a big year for us. We’ve listened carefully to your feedback and we're launching new features at quite a pace. As change is happening fast, we thought it would be good to give more regular...

Consumer vs. Employer Branding: 4 Main Differences

The concept of a consumer brand has existed since the early days of commerce. Initially, a mark was left on a product, representing the brand. For instance, artists would leave a mark, or a signature, to brand their final work.

The Most Important Step in Smart Hiring is Often Overlooked

Congratulations! Your top-rated candidate has accepted the offer and he or she is set to report to work in two weeks. As you draft your new-hire report, you look back at your hiring process in pride: you advertised the position, you sourced multiple...