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The Talent Experience & Why It Matters

2016 was clearly a year of innovation that not only introduced great technology but also a new standard for investing in the workplace, employees' benefits, and talent experience.

Trump Builds Walls, We Build Bridges

We're sure you've heard the news. President Donald Trump has passed an executive order prohibiting citizens of 7 major Muslim countries from entering the US. To put it simply, he closed the U.S's doors to refugees, immigrants, and even documented...

2 Horrible Things Recruiters Might Do to Candidates

As an employer, one would know that finding THE perfect candidate for a job is not easy. Recruiters and employers receive thousands of CVs for each position advertised, and so, one can assume that such a process is quite overwhelming.

Your Next Hire: President Obama?

As President Barack Obama gave his farewell words to the US, companies are using his soon-to-be unemployment phase as a branding strategy.

3 Things to Never (ever) Say in a Job Interview

Last week, I alongside my colleagues, had the opportunity to interview a few candidates for a new position. To say the least, some answers surprised, if not, shocked me.

Office Environment: Then & Now

Nowadays, the workplace is so different from what it used to be decades ago.

Is Your Recruitment Process (really) Healthy?

2017 is here, 2016 is gone.