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The Right Way to Interview Graduates

Interviewing graduates is not an easy task. These fresh souls can have all the potential on earth, but when you’re interviewing countless graduates, how can you pick out the best amongst a pool of candidates who have very little work experience?

2017 Recruitment Trends to Watch

Every year, we see new innovative ways of recruitment. The field is constantly under development with the introduction of new ideas and tools.

Why Being a Recruiter is AMAZING

As a recruiter, you’re constantly being wooed by candidates who want the job you’re hiring for. You’re constantly changing lives by connecting candidates to jobs they love.

7 Year Old Rejected by Google

I'm trying to remember the days I was 7 years old, and I absolutely didn't apply to work at a well-known company. I think the most of my worries was how I was going to get the newest toy or Harry Potter book.

The Battle of Job Ads: LinkedIn vs. Facebook

When you think of job ads, or job sites in general, which comes to your mind: LinkedIn or...Facebook?

A Google Recruiter's Hilarious Email

When it comes to recruiters sending emails to possible candidates, the email itself tends to be boring, repetitive and not so attractive. But a recruiter has come up with a creative solution to that problem; check the candidate's skills on their...

5 Things to Stop Including in Job Descriptions

As a recruiter, you sometimes try to convince yourself that writing job descriptions isn't that bad.

The Oldest Resume in Human History?

Let us give you a hint: it's around 500 years old.

2017 GCC Hiring: Extreme Burst of Activity

We've got some good news to all recruiters and jobseekers! 2017 will definitely be a great year as a report explores the sudden burst of activity that the GCC will witness in the hiring market.

Hilarious Things Seen on CVs

When you're working as a recruiter, or you simply filter through CVs on a regular basis as an employer, then you definitely come across some pretty hilarious things. From funny emails, cover letters, achievements, and more!

Recruiting = Marketing?

Long ago, job seekers would first meet recruiters at a job interview. Today, that's no longer the case.