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SMEs: How To Maintain Your Team

As an SME, we keep hiring key people to our team, and of course faced various challenges maintaining your team. Such as:

3 Talent Management Lessons from SMBs to Big Companies

Talent management is one the most factors for any business success, from small to big enterprise companies. Also, an important measure that many forget is is the ability to ‘act small’.

Dealing with Employee Resignations

You thought everything was going along well, and then suddenly an employee hands in a resignation out of the blue.

Save $ By Reducing Time Spent on Hiring

Leaving a position unfilled for a long time is something that not a lot of companies can afford to do. Nevertheless, the cost of choosing a bad hire can be a lot worse. So, how do you save time and money while also hiring the best talent out there?

Tips to Finding Employees for a Startup, QUICK!

Let's face it, finding employees is difficult already for a business. Imagine how difficult it can be for a startup.

The Wrong Hire Will Cost You $100K+

Businesses are constantly hiring, and filling a vacancy can be quite urgent. The temptation of having someone fill the position as soon as possible is great, but the costs associated with that new employee can outweigh the benefit of filling that...

3 Tips for a Perfect 2017 CV

CVs are constantly changing, from adding pictures, logos, to even incorporating a brand. You never know what exactly will get your CV noticed, and so people try EVERYTHING.