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Graduates’ Preferred Employee Benefits

While many companies have been lauded for providing employee benefits like flextime, telecommuting options, and on-site gyms, it seems graduating college students are more interested in tuition reimbursement and a casual dress policy.

5 Employer Branding Myths

Employer branding is still a relatively new concept, which means that a lot of companies still misunderstand the concept itself so they start believing myths about it. Employer branding was first defined in the mid-1990s: it denoted an...

How to Negotiate an Offer With a Candidate

When you've finally chosen a candidate, you might think that the hiring process is finally over. But no. You're not done yet!

How To: Keep Employees Who Were Offered Jobs Elsewhere.

Some employees are worth paying for, holding out for and even fighting for. With the amount of time and investment that goes into finding a good hire, it’s fair to say that employers feel eager to keep their employees who got offers from other...

How To: The Perfect First Day For Employees

Did you know an employee’s very first day can affect them in many ways? It can affect how long he or she stays with the company and how successful they are.