Getting stuck in your own hiring routine


If you are a hiring manager, talent acquisition professional, or an HR manager in charge of recruitment at your firm, then you certainly know the on-going pain of filling a vacant position. You advertise the position on your go-to job portal, you receive job applications, shortlist candidates, schedule interviews and technical tests then you finally make a hire. Sounds familiar?

Maybe you have been quite successful at filling open positions within a reasonable time frame but you’ve always had concerns on the quality of candidates who apply to your job postings and how well they align against the job requirements. You know you followed every standard rule and best practice in the proverbial recruitment handbook and you even tuned your recruitment process time after time but still do not seem to find the perfect fit. You wonder to yourself what could I have done better and how may I attract better candidates. You confide your challenges to your significant other and in a blink of an eye, the answer comes down on you like a thunder bolt on a rainy winter night: It is the candidate pool that I am sourcing from!

Once you consider this thought for a moment, you begin connecting the dots and may finally have a working theory of why the candidates that you receive are almost always similar in way or another; their backgrounds are similar, their past work experiences are similar; heck, their CVs look similar! No wonder you have been yielding similar search results: your candidate pool is limited and chances are, the vast majority of candidates within this pool are not the outstanding, personable, technically strong fit you are looking for.

You begin to realize you are not maximizing your search pool. You know there are qualified candidates out there but you are not exactly sure how to recruit them, let alone find them in the first place. Several questions come in to mind: Where do I source better candidates from? How can I widen my search? Are there any new recruitment channels I have not tested? How can I organize this search effort in one place so I can compare among several sources?

If the above questions happen to intrigue you and you want to learn more, then I have news for you. An Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) may be the answer to your prayers. An ATS is an intelligent software that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs and can be accessed online. Such system allows you to source candidates from multiple sources and automatically rank those candidates based on parameters you set through a user-friendly online portal. Some ATS providers may even offer further shortlisting and phone screening services to present you the best possible candidates for your job! Happy Headhunting!