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How to overcome the fear of starting a business

Before taking the decision of starting your own business, fear will try it's best to take control over you. You will probably start doubting yourself, and overthinking about the results before even putting any strategy to follow! So how can you...

Employer branding using social responsibility practices

Employer branding is a broad concept that can be understood in many ways. Social media, recruitment marketing, and other means can be effective in this respect, but with focusing on social responsibility, things will get much better.

A startup growth hack each leader should know!

We constantly search for startup growth hacks, maybe aiming to increase our financial outcome, to boost up the number of customers that we have, or to improve our startup's reputation in the market.

Can music make your working environment more attractive?

Music can change everything, it has a divine power to make everything sound perfect, even in the darkest situations; like having hard days at work, or starting at new job!

3 ways to stay motivated while working from home

Working from home can bring great advantages like free working hours, and less stress. But on the other hand, it can also be hard as laziness can hit at any time and ruin your work schedule.

What Millennials Look for in a Company

Nowadays, millennials are forming the largest percentage of the workforce. Consequently, there is a change in the things that new talent is searching for in an employer. In order to attract this segment of society, employers need to make some...

How to Boost Your Workplace Morale

Finding creative ways to boost morale is a great way to keep employees happy.  So how can you do it?

What Employers Want From Recruiters

Employers aren't always happy with the candidates recruiters put forward. Although no recruiter would want to select bad candidates, some do.

Staff Benefits to Please Employees

Employees should be your #1 priority, not the profit, not the product! If your employees suck, so will your product.

4 Bizarre Job Titles

There are some weird jobs out there! Here are some in the market today: