Six Important Features of Recruiting Software

Key Success Factors for Modern Recruitment Process

Most organization these days use software solutions to manage their HR process, and an important part of that process is Recruitment, including talent sourcing,  hiring process management, and communications. Systems that focuses on the recruitment process either come as a part of a bigger HR solution, or as a standalone system that integrates with other HR solutions. In both cases, there are six key features that need to exist in each Recruitment management solution to be effective. Let's go over these features here.

Talent Sourcing Management

There are many sources of talent, from a company career site, to job sites etc. and a good recruitment solutions should be able to manage all these channels, and consolidate their data in one place to reduce the admin work required from the HR team.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Every recruitment solution should provide means to manage the hiring process, so recruiters can work on applicants profiles, move the through the hiring stages and communicate effectively with them

Candidates Screening

No matter what the open postion is, organizations normally receives a big number of applicants CVs, a good recruitment solution should provide an automated mean to filter the applicants and present only the matching ones to the recruitment team to work on. Some systems use rule based algorithms along with keyword search to achieve this, other utilizes AI and machine learning.

Interview Scheduling

Interviews are in the heart of the recruitment process and a good recruitment solution should facilitate all activities related to interviews, including scheduling, syncing the HR team calendars, and provide templates for communications with candidates. 


Not all organizations are the same, and so are the recruitment processes they adopt. The recruitment software should be customisable to accommodate each organization needs, and in some cases the solution provider offer deep customisation services 

Social Media integration

Social media plays a major role in today's recruitment process. Organizations can advertise jobs, enhance their talent pipelines, and even screen candidates through social media. A recruitment model that integrates with major social networks like FB, twitter and LinkedIn an dramatically reduce the admin work needed by the HR team.

Organizations can significantly improve their recruitment processes by implementing recruiting software with the above features.

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