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What Millennials Look for in a Company

Nowadays, millennials are forming the largest percentage of the workforce. Consequently, there is a change in the things that new talent is searching for in an employer. In order to attract this segment of society, employers need to make some...

How to Boost Your Workplace Morale

Finding creative ways to boost morale is a great way to keep employees happy.  So how can you do it?

What Employers Want From Recruiters

Employers aren't always happy with the candidates recruiters put forward. Although no recruiter would want to select bad candidates, some do.

4 Bizarre Job Titles

There are some weird jobs out there! Here are some in the market today:

Video Job Descriptions & Why They're Effective

Video job descriptions (VJDs) are becoming more and more popular. Over the coming years, it’s likely the companies who make great  VJDs will be the companies who win the talent war.

Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Let's get straight to it:

Tips to Finding Employees for a Startup, QUICK!

Let's face it, finding employees is difficult already for a business. Imagine how difficult it can be for a startup.