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Millennials “job-hopping” isn’t always a bad thing!

A millennial friend of mine was recently hired at the Palm- Dubai. And regardless of how prestigious this job sounds, he left it after two months, simply because it does not meet his desires as a civil engineer. Does this make my friend a bad hire?...

Why are promising candidates turned off?

Due to the constant pressure to quickly fill job roles, employers fall back on the same hiring tactics that may not necessarily be the best fit in todays market! Here are three tactics that are causing promising candidates to be turned off:

A startup growth hack each leader should know!

We constantly search for startup growth hacks, maybe aiming to increase our financial outcome, to boost up the number of customers that we have, or to improve our startup's reputation in the market.

3 Movies with subtle messages that recruiters would love!

Good movies carry messages that may be direct but often subtle. In this article you will be introduced to three films with subtle recruitment messages each recruiter needs to know.

How To: Keep Employees Who Were Offered Jobs Elsewhere.

Some employees are worth paying for, holding out for and even fighting for. With the amount of time and investment that goes into finding a good hire, it’s fair to say that employers feel eager to keep their employees who got offers from other...

SMEs: How To Maintain Your Team

As an SME, we keep hiring key people to our team, and of course faced various challenges maintaining your team. Such as:

3 Talent Management Lessons from SMBs to Big Companies

Talent management is one the most factors for any business success, from small to big enterprise companies. Also, an important measure that many forget is is the ability to ‘act small’.

2017 Recruitment Trends to Watch

Every year, we see new innovative ways of recruitment. The field is constantly under development with the introduction of new ideas and tools.