Why Videos are becoming a core aspect of the hiring process?

 video interview

“A picture is worth a thousands words”, what if the picture is actually moving?  “Diode Digital” found that 60% of site visitors watch a video before reading any text! As a recruiter, you may have already realized that it is no longer enough to entirely rely on traditional ways of communication, such as texts and static images. You definitely need to enter the world of videos to catch skillful talents and not to lose them for competing organizations!

Here are some reasons why organizations are adapting their recruiting strategy to include the utilization of videos:

  1. Hiring distant employees

If you are working on encouraging diversity in your work place, a great way to reach more diverse areas is with video interviewing, especially that it’s not always practical or cost-effective to interview long distance candidates in person. Thanks to the applications that can help you interview candidates on screen, such as Skype and Google Hangouts!

Some recruiters ask candidates to answer interview questions by a recorded video. By doing this, recruiters can take their time in the assessment process, be able to review the answers more than once and share the video with other team members whose opinion is important in the hiring process.

 2. Shortlisting competent candidates

Other recruiters ask candidates to apply for a job by recording a video along with- or instead of- sending a written resume! First of all, watching a 2 minutes video takes less time than reviewing a 3 pages resume! Watching candidates actually speaking could reveal certain personality traits and skills that resumes can’t authentically show, such as public speaking, confidence and articulation capabilities. Here comes the power of videos in narrowing the candidates pool!

  1. Building your organization’s employer brand

Whether they like it or not, every company has an employer brand, which is the identity of a company as an employer of choice for great talents! Videos are becoming increasingly important to reflect the true, credible, relevant and distinctive image of your company.

So why not sharing a video on social media that shows your organization’s internal environment? Why not to show a real business day at your work place? Let the people experience the true feeling of the office’s environment; the reception area, the desks, the kitchen, the meeting room…let the videos capture all the unique aspects of your workplace and be attractive enough for future candidates.

  1. Engage with your talent community

Have you ever tried to go for a live video through Facebook to announce a vacancy? If not, it’s worth giving it a try. People who are interacting with your video are most likely to be interested in your company and see themselves as a perfect fit to your workplace’s culture. This is a golden opportunity to communicate with prospecting employees and explain your expectations and what it’s really like to work at your company.


Videos are becoming the easiest, latest and most cost effective approach for an efficient recruiting process and to stay competitive in the employment market. So yes, it’s the time to adapt your recruiting strategy to incorporate videos…by doing this, you will stand ahead of those who don’t, because this is what may encourage a passive candidate to apply…