Frequently Asked Questions

Plans & Pricing

What is a Job Slot?

For each job slot, you can have an active job where candidates can apply and you can work on the candidates' pipeline.

Can I reuse a Job Slot?

Yes, as many times as you need. You can archive an old job, and reuse its slot for a new one.

What is a Job Credit?

A SocialDice token that can be used to purchase add-on services (advertising on paid job sites, using headhunting service).

How many Job Credits do I need per a Job?

It depends on what add-on services you select. Advertisement on paid job sites varies from 1 to 2 job credits consumed depending on the site. Also, 2 job credits will be consumed when selecting the standard Headhunting service.

What is Job Advertisement?

You can advertise your job to free and paid job sites including (LinkedIn, Bayt, Monster Gulf, Indeed, and others).

What is SocialDice HeadHunting Service?

Through this service, you can tap into SocialDice network of freelance recruiters to headhunt and source candidates for your jobs.

How can I buy more job credits? Do I get discount when buying a bundle of credits?

You can buy job credits from within the system and pay online or contact our sales team for offline payment. And yes, you get discount when buying a bundle of credits and you can choose when and where to consume your credits.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept both online and offline payments. For offline, we issue an invoice that can be paid via wire transfer or checks.
Getting Started

How can I create an account?

Pretty straightforward. Select your plan and submit your signup details, with your work email address. Your account will be created immediately, and you can invite your colleagues and post your first job.

Is there any sample data on SocialDice to play with?

Yes. We have included two sample jobs templates to help you experience how easy the hiring process can be with SocialDice.

How can I create a job?

We made it super easy to create a new job from our-ready-to-use job templates. You can edit the templates and tailor as per your need or you can create a new job from scratch. All of this can be done via our simple step-by-step Job Wizard.

Is there an expiry date for my jobs?

When advertising on job sites, the job post will expire usually within 30-60 days depending on the site you advertise on, and you will no longer receive new applicants from the job sites. However, you can still access the job on SocialDice and manage the interview process and collaborate on candidates’ profiles. If you need more information about a specific job site, please contact our customer success team.

Can I advertise one job on multi job sites?

Yes. For a single job you can advertise on multi paid and free job sites. However, for every advertisement on a paid job site, 1 to 2 job credits will be consumed, depending on the job site.

Can I use both job advertisement and headhunting service on a single job?

Yes, you can. However, for every advertisement on a paid job site, 1 to 2 job credits will be consumed, depending on the job site. And 2 job credits will be consumed as well, for standard headhunting service per job.

When should I use SocialDice Headhunting service?

You can use it anytime you want. It’s not restricted to a specific job or location, and highly recommended to use when searching for a rare skill or looking for a senior, under a tight time to fill the position.

I need to learn more about SocialDice headhunting service.

Kindly contact our customer success team, clicking on the chat icon, in the right bottom of the page, and they will guide you and answer all your questions.

When posting to a job site, I don’t want to deal with tons of CVs received. It’s time consuming.

Agree. SocialDice’s smart automatic filtration and ranking will do that on your behalf. It will automatically sort out and mark the best candidates for you to interview, saving your time from reviewing every CV.

Can the career portal have the same look and feel as my website?

Yes, of course. We offer a simple design tool to allow you to manage the styles (fonts, colors), content and publish them on real time. You can also upload photos, videos and build analytics on the portal, without no prior IT skills required.

How can I communicate with you, if I need any help?

From any page, click on the chat icon, in the right bottom and our customer success team will be there to support you and answer any question you have.