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Years of experience: 2 - 4 years
  • Bachelor's Degree, finance or related field
  • Participate in the preparation of periodic reports on that include a comprehensive analysis/assessments of the risks faced by the regulated institutions and how well they are being managed, the report should also highlight any violations and non adherence to the established rules and instructions; and recommend corrective action as appropriate.
  • Participate in the follow-up on CBUAE recommendations and required corrective actions to ensure they are implemented within agreed time limits and to the satisfaction of the Central Bank; and recommend appropriate sanctions and disciplinary measures in addressing cases of non-adherence.
  • Participate in the performing offsite analysis based on the data submitted by banks; the analysis should assess the performance of regulated financial institutions, their compliance to established regulations (i.e. Prudential Ratios, Capital adequacy, FPEP approvals) and major risks areas. The analysis should form the basis of the onsite examination and provide recommendations for corrective action/especial examinations as appropriate.
  • Participate in the responding to requests made by regulated institutions and provide recommendations for approval or otherwise for example, in terms of approving the publication of the annual financial statements, dividend payouts and the selection of external auditors.
  • Participate in ensuring that issues identified through the supervision process are followed up further through the examination process, and that the results of assessments are communicated to regulated institutions.
  • Participate in the maintaining orderly and up to date files of working papers and correspondence with the regulated institutions, and drafting letters.
  • Perform any other duties within the scope of the role.
  • Guide and motivate subordinates to enhance performance and produce quality work, and ensure that they are continuously developed for higher level roles.
  • Conduct performance evaluations as per the approved policies and procedures to identify training needs and ensure the development of the team’s capabilities.
  • Provide coaching, guidance and mentoring as required to enhance the internal capabilities.
Required Skills & Qualifications:
  • Time Management - Being able to plan, prioritize, set milestones, coordinate tasks, adhere to deadlines, predict set back and develop corrective actions.
  • Quality Focus - Striving to execute tasks in accordance with the relevant quality standards. Implementing and adhering to the relevant policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Dependability - Following instructions and responding to management requests. Meeting deadlines or informing the supervisor of any changes in plan.
  • Communication - Communicating clearly and concisely with appropriate use of vocabulary as well as body language. Engaging in productive and effective dialogues.
  • Job Knowledge - Understanding the requirements of the job and constantly keeping knowledge up-to-date with new developments pertaining to the job area.
  • Understanding of the current regulations issued by CBUAE.
  • Knowledge of international developments in the areas of prudential regulation and supervision practices.
  • Risk identification techniques/tools.
  • Report writing and financial analysis skills.
  • Ability to Microsoft Office, particularly MS Word and MS Excel.
Desired Skills & Qualifications:
  • Proficient in the English language, Arabic would be an advantage.

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