Job Description Template for:

Procurement&Facilities Management

Years of experience: 8 - 10 years
  • Bachelor's Degree, business administration or related field
  • Ensure the development of key policies, guidelines, and systems for the function and ensure compliance with approved guidelines.
  • Participate in the continuous development and improvement of business procedures to ensure that the appropriate level of quality is achieved.
  • Establish and build professional relationships with key suppliers (major equipment manufacturers/ vendors).
  • Manage the development of “Procurement Profiling” and “Suppliers Database” to outline the suppliers’ information as well as CBUAE purchasing habits and patterns.
  • Recommend to the Head of Administration Affairs the areas of procurement activities where improvements can be made, in terms of financial savings from aggregate spending, administrative savings from lower transaction costs and greater procurement and delivery efficiency by streamlining orders.
  • Develop and manage Material Planning for goods and materials demanded by CBUAE functions and ensure the creation of item specific forecasts over a rolling time horizon to be used for ordering and inventory management.
  • Review and approve selection of the most suitable suppliers recommended by the Senior Officer - Procurement, ensuring that CBUAE is being offered quality and cost-efficient services.
  • Approve requisition requests for procurement of all goods required by the Head Office and branches according to the Delegation of Authority Matrix; and report incidences of system abuse to the Head of Administration Affairs.
  • Oversee CBUAE shipment activities, ensuring that shipments are effectively cleared through customs.
  • Oversee Facility Management for assets owned by CBUAE to ensure preventive and corrective maintenance of assets are carried out in line with CBUAE policies & guideline.
  • Inspect property for safety and maintenance problems; direct and/or perform preventative maintenance on all CBUAE facilities and make recommendations regarding replacement versus repair, necessity of upgrading items, and cost of such supplies and equipments.
  • Report utility-related issues to concerned entities to ensure prompt and effective intervention and provide timely updates to the affected employees.
  • Review proposals of external contractors to handle facility management services of CBUAE and submit it to the Head of Administrative Affairs for approval.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive and effective system to manage CBUAE internal and external correspondence and document archiving.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of all property registration records and relevant documents of CBUAE real estate as well as records of maintenance performed.
  • Ensure proper management of all documentation related to preparation, finalization, amendments, management and administration of purchase and supply.
  • Oversee the maintenance of data filing in a logical and retrievable manner whilst ensuring confidentially of data, records and documents.
  • Perform any other duties within the scope of work.
  • Provide leadership and direction to subordinates towards the achievement of goals and objectives.
  • Guide and motivate subordinates to enhance performance and produce quality work, and ensure that they are continuously developed for higher level roles.
  • Prepare performance evaluation and appraisal reports of direct reports to assess subordinates productivity and progress, and identify training needs of team members.
Required Skills & Qualifications:
  • Achievement Orientation - Having a concern for working well or for surpassing a standard of excellence. This standard may be one’s own past performance (striving for improvement); an objective measure (results orientation); outperforming others (competitiveness); challenging goals one has set, or even doing what has not been done before (unique innovation).
  • Team Management – Striving to continuously improve supervisory skills. Engaging team members, developing subordinates’ skills and encouraging growth.
  • Communication – Communicating clearly and concisely with appropriate use of vocabulary as well as body language. Engaging in productive and effective dialogues.
  • Impact and Influence – Making an impact, persuading, and influencing others, in order to gain support and action for ideas, proposals or initiatives put forward.
  • Problem Solving - Identifying and solving problems in a timely manner. Suggesting/implementing solutions to overcome operation related obstacles and achieve the desired results.
  • Awareness of procurement practices and systems.
  • Experience in devising and implementing procurement strategies.
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Ability to devise and implement cost saving/effectiveness strategies
Desired Skills & Qualifications:
  • 4+ years working experience in the UAE, with appropriate familiarity with the UAE market and regulations.
  • Proficient in the Arabic language, ability to use English.

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