Job Description Template for:

Senior Dealer – Monetary Operations

Years of experience: 3 - 5 years
  • Bachelor's Degree, economics, commerce or related field
  • Prepare periodic reports reviewing current monetary operations, tools being used to conduct them and evaluate the efficiency of these tools/instruments in achieving their policy objectives
  • Regular review of financial market conditions and recent monetary developments.
  • Liaise, under the supervision of the Senior Dealer-Monetary Operations, with money market heads and treasurers of major UAE banks to assess market development and market needs and prepare a report on these for the Principal-Monetary Operations.
  • Assist the Senior Dealer-Monetary Operations in preparing presentations/ conferences/ workshops to senior management by providing the relevant findings and details of analysis undertaken.
  • Keep abreast of the local macro-economic trends and related-geostrategic events and how they interact with the global economy.
  • Perform any other duties within the scope of work.
  • Develop / maintain datasets covering relevant macroeconomic variables.
  • Cooperate with colleagues to enhance performance and produce quality work, and ensure that he/she contributes to enhancing knowledge levels within the section and division.
Required Skills & Qualifications:
  • Achievement Orientation - Having a concern for working well or for surpassing a standard of excellence. This standard may be one’s own past performance (striving for improvement); an objective measure (results orientation); outperforming others (competitiveness); challenging goals one has set, or even doing what has not been done before (unique innovation).
  • Job Knowledge - Understanding the requirements of the job and constantly keeping knowledge up-to-date with new developments pertaining to the job area.
  • Problem Solving – Identifying and solving problems in a timely manner. Suggesting/implementing solutions to overcome operation related obstacles and achieve the desired results.
  • Communication – Communicating clearly and concisely with appropriate use of vocabulary as well as body language. Engaging in productive and effective dialogues.
  • Time Management - Being able to plan, prioritize, set milestones, coordinate tasks, adhere to deadlines, predict set back and develop corrective actions.
  • Good background in financial markets , monetary operations and macroeconomics.
  • Experience in preparing reports, preferably for high level management purposes.
  • Ability to evaluate/elaborate on financial market conditions prescribe corrective policy measures.
  • Good knowledge of current monetary operations around the world economic with contacts within the central banks and commercial to facilitate inter action with policy makers and market professionals.
  • Knowledge of money markets and FX markets, preferably with working experience in these fields.
  • Expertise in using Bloomberg and additional knowledge of software such as E-Views will be supportive.
  • Knowledge and understanding of externalities that impact the monetary stability in the UAE.
Desired Skills & Qualifications:
  • Working experience in the area of monetary operations and money markets, with familiarity with the UAE and awareness of monetary operations in developed and developing financial markets outside UAE.
  • Proficient in English, Arabic would be an advantage.

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