The Unsung Heroes Of HR

We all know the challenges of recruitment faced by the unsung heroes of HR and recruitment departments. Lets say you are a recruitment manager in you company, and you need to fill a urgent technical position opening, you place the job post on several job portals and social media outlets such as Facebook and Linkedin. Within several days your email box is flooded with hundreds of CVs. Within several weeks you have several thousands! This is great only if you can drill down quickly to the relevant candidates. With the pressure mounting from management, you and your recruiting team are losing valuable time joggling emails and job portal accounts, filtering CVs (of which the majority lacked relevant experience), contacting candidates and conducting interviews only to find out that only a handful fit the job.

When you think about it, it boils down to three challenges; managing multiple sources of candidates, aggregating and managing CVs, and finally discovering and focusing on relevant candidates.

A Helping Hand

After in depth industry research in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regoin, we found a serious lack of technological innovation in the recruitment space. The market is flooded with expensive recruiting agencies, candidate tracking systems (ATSs) are very expensive and tailored for large enterprises, and on top of that, job sites mostly under perform in sourcing relevant candidates due to their reliance on limited keyword based searches.

We decided to build a SocialDice, a platform that enables employers to maximize their reach out for suitable talent through different networks including LinkedIn, Bayt, and Monster with a few clicks. Our platform is powered by a proprietary AI technology that enables our clients to drill down to top talent in no time. A technology that analyzes context rather than keywords and compares the candidate skills and experience against the job qualifications, extracting key candidate career insights like loyalty, career gap, companies qualify and other KPIs. Through SocialDice, our clients can manage the whole hiring process from one place, and seamlessly conduct interviews, collaborate with their hiring teams and build meaningful relationships with their candidates.

Better Together

Our clients are reporting 70% drop in the manual work of their recruitment process, which gives them more time to spend on meeting candidates and finding the best fit for each opening.

Our clients are also noticing a significant improvement in employee retention due to the fact that they have more time on finding the perfect match for each position.